The Aeon Life Sciences Fund enables accredited and qualified individuals and institutions to own a part of the companies fueling the research and development of the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies as well as the promising advancements in gene therapy and other life science technologies that are focused on the improvement and advancement of human life. Participating in these emerging opportunities during the growth phase of their evolution is further enhanced by the potential of taking advantage of the natural arbitrage between private and public valuations, although many times we will also entertain and explore investment opportunities in publicly traded companies.

Our process begins with a top-down approach to identify the most disruptive, innovative, or unique products and services in life sciences. Once we have selected, we then implement our due diligence and analysis to screen through items like management teams, amount of capital raised, growth rates, competitive advantages, etc. This leads us to our bottom-up portion of the strategy, which looks at not just how much has been invested but “who” is invested. This gives us a much clearer idea of “what’s next” for the company, and how soon the possibility is for a liquidity event for the investment.

The target time horizon for our investments in the fund is 6 months to 2 years. This means that we hope to see a liquidity event within that time frame. We source our investment in both the primary and secondary markets. Although Aeon has been invited to participate in direct primary offerings by companies, we have found that in many cases we have been successful in achieving a greater discount to the company’s most recent valuation by acquiring shares in the secondary market.

We believe that over the next decade, the advancements in life sciences will be one of the most exciting sectors, offering opportunities that not only carry a significant possibility of capital return, but also the ability to be a part of the betterment of humankind. Aeon’s ability to provide insight into the most notable, and the most innovative companies in the life sciences along with access to these select and unique investments is how we assist our investors to “Invest In What’s Next’.